Flight Instructor Certificates

"Cleared to Teach" provides commercial pilots a complete training course for obtaining their credentials as aviation educators. You can pay as you go, or take advantage of our special package price. All course prices include a 10% package discount.

The "Cleared to Teach" Course Package Price includes:

Certificated Flight Instructor-Airplane Single Engine Land. (This is your initial CFI license)
• Jeppesen Flight Instructor Handbook
• Jeppesen Flight Instructor Syllabus
• CFI Test Prep Guide, CFI Practical Test Standards, CFI Oral Exam Guide
• 17 hours of aircraft time (12 C172, 5 PA28R)
• 32 hours of flight instructor time
Instrument Instructor Add-On
• Flight Instructor Instrument Practical Test Standards
• 8 hours of aircraft time (C172)
• 18 hours instructor time
Multi Engine Instructor Add-On
• Multi-Engine Instructor Practical Test Standards
• 5 hours of aircraft time (PA44)
• 10 hours of instructor time

FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate (Airplane Single-Engine Land) with Instrument Rating. Multi-Engine Instructor Course requires Airplane Multi-Engine Land Rating. Note: Only 5 hours of flight time are budgeted for the Multi-Engine course. The FAA requires a total of 15 hours as PIC in a Multi-engine airplane before taking the practical test. If the applicant does not have at least 10 hours of Multi-engine PIC time prior to starting the course, additonal solo flight time will be required and will be priced at the standing hourly rate.

Course Pricing:
Our packages are designed to include aircraft and instructor charges that are typical for pilots who are current and proficient in each aircraft used. The actual cost of additional training, if any is required, is customized to the individual.

C172N $4,900 $2,200 N/A
C172R/S $5,100 $2,400 N/A
C172SP $5,200 $2,400 N/A
PA-44 N/A N/A $2,000

Based on aircraft rates and fuel prices on 06/07/2019

In order to provide the discounts we offer, we accept only cash or check payments on packages. Packages are subject to limitations on refunds.