Complex Transition Course

This course includes 10 hours of flight time in our Piper PA28R-200 retractable gear aircraft. With 140 knots true airspeed and 995 pounds of useful load, our Piper Arrow is a very cost-effective traveling airplane. Upon successful completion of the complex transition course, you will have a complex aircraft endorsement and be checked out to fly solo at Anson Air.

The Complex Transition Course Package Price includes:
• 8 hours of time in a PA28R aircraft including fuel
• 2 hours of time in the Redbird FMX Advanced Aviation Training Device
• 13 hours of FAA certificated flight instructor time
• PA-28R Information Manual
• Taxes and fees
• 5% Discount
Prerequisites for this course:
Private pilot, airplane single engine land, current BFR, medical certificate, and 100 hours total logged time.

Aircraft Model Year Tail Number Cost
PA-28R 1973 N15302 $2,100

Based on fuel prices on 6/14/2014

In order to provide the discounts we offer, we accept only cash or check payments on packages.