Discovery Flights

The Classic Discovery Flight
Package includes 15 minutes of simulator time and one hour of flying time with one of our certificated flight instructors. All flight are conducted in an aircraft from Anson Aviation's modern fleet and highly advanced Redbird Flight Simulators. You will take off with your instructor from Sugar Land's convenient Regional Airport and fly the airplane yourself! A comprehensive pre-flight briefing and an after-flight discussion complete this first lesson, which counts towards your private pilot training should you decide to continue. You will also receive a $50 refund if you purchase the "Cleared for Takeoff" course within 30 days of your Discovery Flight.

Classic Discovery flights are available in Standard Cessna 172, a Cessna 172 with the Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit, and in our Cessna 182 Sylane for groups of 2 or 3.
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Flight Simulation Experience
Are you interested in trying out one of the most advanced general aviation flight simulators on the market? Anson Aviation now offers simulator discovery sessions using the Redbird FMX. The FMX is classified as an Advanced Aviation Training Device by the Federal Aviation Administration. Consequently, training in these simulators constitutes logable training hours towards pilot certification. Experience the sights, sounds and sensations of flying without ever leaving the ground. The simulator discovery session includes 45 minutes in the Redbird FMX simulator with one of our certificated flight instructors.


Flight Type Flight Time Simulator Time Cost
Classic C172 1 Hour 15 Minutes $170
Classic C182 1 Hour 15 Minutes $210
Simulator None 45 Minutes $75
In order to provide the discounts we offer, we accept only cash or check payments on packages. Packages are subject to limitations on refunds.