Private Pilot Certificate

If you have made the decision to learn to fly, then our "Cleared for Takeoff" course is the ticket to get you there. "Cleared for Takeoff" is approved by the FAA under Part 141 of the Federal Aviation Regulations and provides you with a complete training package. This state-of-the-art training course is now web-based. Our course also utilizes Advanced Aviation Training Devices from Redbird Flight Simulations to improve your proficiency, reduce airplane time, reduce total cost, and reduce total schedule. You can pay as you go or take advantage of our special package price.

Cleared for Takeoff features the Cessna Integrated Flight Training System, the most advanced and fun private pilot training program in the industry today. The Cessna Sport/Private Pilot Course is scenario-based and online.

The "Cleared for Takeoff" Course Package Price includes:

• Cessna Sport/Private Pilot Course Kit (includes C172R or C172S POH only)
• 40 hours of time in proven C-172 Cessna training aircraft, including fuel
• 10 hours of time in the Redbird FMX Advanced Aviation Training Device
• 65 hours of FAA-certificated flight instructor time
• HS1 Aviation Headset (David Clark available at extra cost)
• Charts and Airport Facility Directory
• 6% package discount
• Testing Fees are not included

Course Pricing:

The FAA requires a student pilot at an approved pilot school to complete at least 35 hours of flight time prior to taking the practical flight test. The cost of this minimum flight time plus 35 hours of instruction is approximately $6,500. Most customers require more than these minimum flight and instruction times to prepare for the written, oral, and practical flight tests. The national average for FAA approved Cessna Pilot Centers is 45 hours dual flight (with your instructor), 10 hours of solo flight, and 20 hours of ground instruction prior to obtaining the private pilot's certificate.

Our package is designed to include dual training, solo time and instructor charges that are within 5 hours of the national average. The actual cost of additional training, if any is required, is customized to the individual. The package also includes most of the additional supplies that will be required, such as charts and a headset. This approach results in a course price that more fairly represents the total cost required to obtain the private pilot's certificate.

Aircraft Model Year Tail Number Cost
Cessna C172N SkyHawk 1979 N1629E $10,500
Cessna C172R SkyHawk 1998 N857CP $11,400
Cessna C172S SkyHawk 2000 N17SJ $11,400
Cessna C172SP NAV II SkyHawk 2003 N2141Y $11,700
Cessna C172SP NAV III SkyHawk 2005 N1615A $11,800

Based on aircraft rates and fuel prices on 06/07/2019

In order to provide the discounts we offer, we accept only cash or check payments on packages. Packages are subject to limitations on refunds.

NAV II: Multifunction Display, 2-axis autopilot, KLN 94 color GPS.

NAV III: Garmin G1000 electronic flight instrument system.

C162: Garmin G300 Electronic Flight Instrument System

Sport-To-Private conversion includes 20 aircraft hours, 7.5 AATD hours, 32.5 instructor hours, and Cessna's Sport/Private Pilot Course kit.