Professional Pilot Course

The ProPilot Course is designed for anyone desiring a fast track to a career as a professional pilot. Previous flight training or pilot certificates are NOT required. Our professional staff will take you from your first lesson to being a Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot and Certificated Flight Instructor-Single Engine, Multi-Engine, and Instrument. You will also receive a high performance aircraft endorsement, a Glass Cockpit transition, and Cockpit Resource Management training, which will set you apart from other pilot applicants. Upon completion of the course you will be eligible for our preferential hiring program to join the Anson Air instructor staff. As an Anson Air instructor you will quickly build the experience and qualifications that you will need to obtain the best jobs at air carriers, corporate flight departments, fractional operators, and charter operators.

Our ProPilot features the web-based Cessna Integrated Flight Training System, the most advanced and fun training program in the industry today.

The "ProPliot" Course Package Price includes:
• 210 hours in Cessna 172N (N1629E)
• 5 hours in Cessna 172SP NavIII with Garmin G1000 avionics (N1615A)
• 4 Hours in a Cessna 182T (N2144V)
• 15 hours in Piper PA28R-200 Arrow (N15302)
• 15 hours in Piper PA44-180 Seminole (N2094C)
• 50 hours in a Redbird FMX Advanced Aviation Training Device
• David Clark H10-13.4 headset
• Cessna Private Pilot Online Interactive Private Pilot Course
• Cessna Cleared for the Approach Online Interactive Instrument Course
• Cessna Cleared for Hire Online Interactive Commercial Pilot Course
• King Schools Multi-Engine Pilot Course
• Jeppessen Deluxe Flight Instructor Course
• King Schools Cleared for Flying the Garmin G1000 Computer-Based Interactive Course
• Airport Facility Directory, Sectional Chart, Terminal Area Chart, Low Altitude IFR Enroute Chart
• Jeppessen Flight Plan Forms, Pilot's Operating Handbooks for each aircraft, IFR Terminal Procedures Publication

Certificates, Ratings and Endorsements Earned:
• Commercial Pilot: Single-Engine Land, Multi-Engine Land, Instrument Airplane
• Flight Instructor: Single-Engine, Multi-Engine and Instrument Airplane
• Endorsements: Complex and High-Performance Airplane
• G1000 Glass Panel Transition

• FAA Second Class Medical Certificate
• Proof of citizenship (U.S. or foreign).

Course Pricing:
Our packages are designed to include aircraft and instructor charges that are within 5 hours of the typical time for most customers to reach proficiency and pass their tests. The actual cost of additional training, if any is required, is customized to the individual. This minimizes total cost. The packages also include most of the additional supplies that will be required, such as charts and a headset. This approach results in a course price that more fairly represents the total cost required to obtain the Certificates, Ratings, and Endorsements stated above.

Investment required for the ProPilot course is $49,600. If you already have a valid Private Pilot License, Single Engine Land, and are current then deduct $9,000.
This course investment is based on training at least 3 times per week, Monday through Friday. In order to provide the discounts we offer, we accept only cash or check payments on packages. Packages are subject to limitations on refunds.

Based on aircraft rates and fuel prices on 06/07/2019

Additional Costs:
"Third Party" fees for medical examinations, written tests, practical tests and non-owned aircraft insurance are not included. An approximate budget for these fees is $2,500.