Sport Pilot Certificate

If you just want to enjoy flying a fun and simple airplane on nice days, or if you don't want to apply for an FAA Airman's Medical Certificate, then our Cleared for Sport course is for you. Sport Pilots are authorized to fly Light Sport Aircraft during the day in good weather and may exercise their privileges with a driver's license in lieu of a medical certificate. You may also elect to complete the full Private Pilot Course, in which case the Sport Pilot training will apply to your Private Pilot course requirements.

Our Cleared for Sport course features the web-based Cessna Integrated Flight Training System, the most advanced and fun training program in the industry today. The Sport Pilot Course Package Price includes:

The "Cleared for Sport" Course Package Price includes:
• Cessna Sport/Private Pilot Course Kit
• 25 hours of time in the new C-162 Skycatcher Light Sport Aircraft, including fuel
• 30 hours of FAA-certificated flight instructor time
• HS1 Aviation Headset (David Clark or Light Speed available at extra cost)
• Charts, Airport Facility Directory, Aircraft Information Manual
• 6% package discount
• Testing Fees are not included

Course Pricing:

The FAA requires a sport pilot candidate to complete at least 20 hours of flight time prior to taking the practical flight test. The cost of this minimum flight time plus 25 hours of instruction is approximately $4,000. Most customers require more than these minimum flight and instruction times to prepare for the written, oral, and practical flight tests.

Our packages are designed to include aircraft and instructor charges that are within 5 hours of the typical time for most customers to reach proficiency and pass their tests. The actual cost of additional training, if any is required, is customized to the individual. This minimizes total cost. The packages also include most of the additional supplies that will be required, such as charts and a headset. This approach results in a course price that more fairly represents the total cost required to obtain the Sport Pilot Certificate.

Aircraft Model Year Tail Number Cost
C162 2011 N7027W $4,400
In order to provide the discounts we offer, we accept only cash or check payments on packages. Packages are subject to limitations on refunds.

C162: Garmin G300 Electronic Flight Instrument System