Anson Aviation offers the following courses for VA students:

Program Solo Hours Dual Hours Ground Instruction Pre/Post Flight Briefings Total Aircraft Hours Total Instructor Hours Va Program Cost
Instrument Airplane 0 35 30 10.5 35 75.5 $11,207.50
Commercial ASEL Initial 65 55 35 30 120 120 $29,400.50
Commercial AMEL Add-on 0 15 14 3 15 32 $6,355.00
CFIA Initial 0 30 40 7.5 30 77.5 $10,437.50
CFII Add-on 0 18 15 4.5 18 37.5 $5,677.50
MEI Add-on 0 24 20 5 24 49 $10,025.00

- VA students must enroll in part 141 flight training programs
- Hours above are minimum program requirements
- VA program cost assumes minimum hours in most expensive aircraft applicable to that program

Different Types of VA Flight Training:

Chapter 30: Montgomery GI Bill ©

- VA will reimburse up to 60% of VA Program Costs
- VA will reimburse costs up to the minimum hours required in each category (solo, dual, ground) for each program
- VA will reimburse the student directly; student must pay training costs up front at time of training

Chapter 33: Post 9/11 GI Bill ©

- VA will reimburse up to 100% of VA program costs, up to the annual maximum.
- VA will reimburse costs up to the minimum hours required in each category (solo, dual, ground) for each program.
- Costs incurred will count against the annual maximum for the academic year in which each course began and are cumulative.
- Academic year: August 1 – July 31.
- Flight Training annual maximum for 2017/2018 School Year: $13,031.61
- VA will reimburse the flight school directly, however be aware that the student will be held responsible for all costs beyond what the VA will reimburse.


- Private Pilot ASEL Certificate or privileges

- At least current 2nd Class Medical Certificate privileges

Course Specific Prerequisites:

Instrument Airplane - Commercial ASEL (or concurrent enrollment)

Commercial ASEL Initial - Instrument Airplane (or concurrent enrollment)

Commercial AMEL Add-on - Commercial Airplane (any class)

CFI Initial - Commercial ASEL, Instrument Airplane

CFII Add-on - Commercial ASEL, Instrument Airplane, CFI (any)

MEI Add-on - Unrestricted Commercial AMEL, CFI Airplane (any class)

Important Information:

- VA reimbursement rates will be reduced if your benefit level is less than 100% (based on time in service) – refer to your certificate of eligibility

-Total VA benefit limits are applicable

-VA will only reimburse training hours; VA will not reimburse books, charts, other supplies, examination fees*, or practical test aircraft rental

-You must complete at least 6 hours of training per course per month or your enrollment may be automatically terminated

*Examination fees may be reimbursed via the separate Licensing and Certification Approval System - for details and to apply see:

How to Apply:

1) Apply for benefits.

-If this is your first time using GI-BILL © benefits, fill out form 22-1990 at

-If this is not your first use of your GI-BILL ©, go to Search for the VONAPP application and fill out form 22-1995.

Use the following School Address:

Anson Air, LLC
12888 Highway 6 S. STE 300
Sugar Land, TX 77498

After approval, the VA will send a certificate of eligibility to you.

2) Obtain your military transcripts

-Air Force enlisted veterans may request their transcript from CCAF at

-Air Force officer veterans may request their transcript for Air University at

-Veterans of all other services may obtain a copy directly from

3) When you enroll in flight training at Anson, bring the following documents:

-Certificate of eligibility

-Military Transcripts


-Airman Certificates

-Medical Certificate

If you wish to contact the VA directly, you may visit or call 1-888-GI-BILL-1 (1-888-442-4551).